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2023 Report (PDF)

The State of Health Care Spending Accounts

Health Care Spending Accounts are experiencing a meteoric rise in popularity. Download the 2023 Report using real data from more than 1,000+ businesses to find out why!

The report includes:

  • the answer to the question, "Why are Health Care Spending Accounts growing in popularity?"
  • average allotments vs. class size, based on real data from 1,000+ businesses on our block
  • average utilization of Health Care Spending Accounts
  • and more!
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Data Analysis

Data represents over 1,000 small- to medium-sized employers and a portion of Benefits by Design (BBD) Inc.’s group benefits business. These small- to medium-sized employers reflect a cross-section of industries located across Canada, including construction, manufacturing, retail trade, finance, and more.


As an employee-centric company, we value benefits that allow our team members the flexibility to choose the benefits that best suit them and their lifestyle. This is why we chose to provide a Health Care Spending Account as our primary benefit package for team members. From vision and dental, to holistic medicines and practitioners, we have been so happy to be able to meet the unique needs of all of our team members! If you are looking to remain competitive with your benefits in the market, we would definitely recommend considering a Health Care Spending Account as part of your benefits offering.

— Lindsay Downing, Director of Human Resources

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