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Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

Report on Activity, Growth, and the Future of EAPs in 2021 and Beyond

The mental health crisis in Canada is real, and working Canadians are turning to their employers for support.

Our 2021 Report covers the rise of EAPs and their impact on employee mental health.

The report includes:

  • how poor employee mental health and lost productivity impacts a business
  • the answer to the question, "Are employers adding EAPs to their plans?"
  • the cost of an EAP
  • BONUS: how has COVID-19 affected Canadians' mental health?
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Data Analysis

Data represents over 3,000 small- to medium-sized employers and a portion of Benefits by Design (BBD) Inc.’s group benefits business. These small- to medium-sized employers reflect a cross-section of industries located across Canada, including construction, manufacturing, retail trade, finance, and more.